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tv   Action News at 530 AM  ABC  February 23, 2017 5:30am-6:00am EST

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>> breaking now on "action news," two men are shot inside a philadelphia home and a third person is found a block away, we're live as police try to sort this out. >> a landmark directive reverse, activist react in response to president trump pulling back ton a trans president trump pulls back on a transgender law. the powerball was won, and one in new jersey. we have fog across the area, most of this covered by a dense fog advisory. this expires at 10:00 a.m., look for low visibility south of allentown, reading, down through the i-95 corridor and the all the way to the shore and the
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heart of delaware, as well. visibility about a quarter mile or less in a lot of these areas, slow down, because it might be hard to see deer or raccoons orchids heading to the bus stop. parents let your kids know it's foggy out there, your kids are no the as easy to see. be careful crossing the streets. after the fog disburses we'll transition to mostly sunny skies. 48 in wilmington, 35 in allentown. 37 in reading, 41 in trenton. no active rain, but you'll get drizzle on the wind cheeld -- windshield while driving through the fog. visibility problems, be careful of that. 56 is the temperature at noon,
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3:00 p.m., 68. looks like the high of 70 kicks in around 4:00 p.m. back to 68 by 5:00 p.m., 62 by 7:00 p.m. mild numbers all the way. it stays mild through saturday, we have a shower or thunderstorm, we'll track that coming up. >> reporter: you didn't win the powerball you have go to work, we have lots of the roads are damp, be careful. looking live i-95 at academy, people moving all right, southbound traffic heading toward center city. no major delays, you see the fog from this shot, the camera is up higher looking down, hard to see out there. be careful of the reduced visibility in spots we're talking .3 of a mile because of the fog. the vine is open all the lanes and ramps open after overnight construction. blue route and i-95 moving okay. malfunctioning traffic light at frankford and girard.
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20th street is closed at pine, stick to 18 the -- 18th or 22. 422 looking good heading toward king of prussia, tam. >> breaking right now, a bizarre crime in west oak lane has police busy, two people were shot, a third person jumped through a bedroom window and there's questions about what happened. annie mccormick is live on the scene with the latest on what we know, good morning, annie. >> reporter: good morning, tamala, police found two shooting victims inside the home in this block, moments later not far from the house in the alley behind me and you can not see because it's so foggy this morning, that's where they found a man badly injured he was bleeding and carrying a chair. they believe the man was a suspect in the case he has been brought to the hospital, as
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well. this is video from the scene, this happened before 2:00 a.m. police responded to report of a shooting to a residence in the 77th avenue. two victims were found shot in the legs. they found shell casings on the stairway leading to the bedroom. in the back of the home, police discovered a gun and broken window. not far from there they found a man injured and bleeding and dragging a chair. he was not cooperating with police, police have him, he has been sent to the hospital and they treating him as a suspect. >> so we believe the third victim who is being uncooperative may have been inside the property, jumped out the window and dropped his weapon on the deck when police found him and transported him to the einstein hospital.
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>> reporter: now, initially police thought the third man found outside bleeding was shot, but they later now believe that his injuries were sustained from just a minuting through that glass window and falling on to the porch, they believe that, now, as for how all this unfolded and the motive behind this, this was a home invasion, however there was no sign of forced entry those are the details they are trying to work out, as well. reporting live in west oak lane, annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." back to you. >> thanks, annie. a young girl is recovering at home from a stabbing attack in delaware county. 21-year-old bashir stabbed 8-year-old dorothy deegan in the head with a butcher knife in collingdale back on friday. her parents spoke to "action news" about the terrifying
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ordeal. you'll hear from them in the next half-hour. four children were removed from a bucks county home after police found what was inside. take a look at the photos inside the falls township trailer. there was if it -- filth and debris everywhere. five people were arrested in connection with the robbery which is what brought police to the home. classes will start on time at penn ridge high school in perkisie bus -- bucks county. the fire sprinkler did its job, crews cleaned up the classrooms. president trump has reversed an obama era directive which allowed transgender students to use bathroom matching their identity. president said the policy should be decided by states and school districts. protesters rallied outside the
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white house including gavin grim who has a case pending before the supreme court. many are pinning their hopes on a favorable ruling. social conservative groups are praising the president's reversal. white house will not change any school or city law. vice president mike pence visited a jewish cemetary where 150 headstones were damaged over the weekend. mike pence said there's no place in america for hate for acts of antisemitism. powerball jumped to 435 million. the winning ticket was sold in indiana. a ticket sold in new jersey is worth $2 million. 10, 13, 28, 52, 61, and a
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powerball of 2. >> we have better chance ever being 70 degrees in february, than winning powerball. >> reporter: three straight days of it, it would appear. storm tracker 6 live showing we're dry, it doesn't mean you don't have drizzle on the windshield, that's a cloud at ground level, clouds are made of water, it could cause you to have water drops on your windshield today. the fog along the boardwalk appears to be lifting a little bit, inland, however, we have low visibilities you want to be careful out there. the temperature not too bad, up close to 50 degrees in philadelphia at 49. winds are calm, if we could kick up a little bit of wind it will help break up the fog. we are not going to get that, before we see the fog break up we'll have to get the sun up over the horizon and start to
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eat away at the fog and evaporate it. we have visibility well below a mile, half mile in toms river and third of a mile in atlantic city, millville, philadelphia, wilmington, and lancaster these of course are some of our heavily traveled areas, so this morning be careful driving too fast, you know keep your eyes out for animals and disabled vehicles, especially in the neighborhoods school kids trying to make their way through the bus stop. above the surface fog we have breaks in the clouds we're expecting to transition into partly sunny skies once we get rid of the morning fog. 48 degrees by 8:00 a.m. we have a mild afternoon, 10:00 a.m., 52. noon, 56. we zoom up to 68 degrees by 3:00 p.m. that high of 70 probably right in here around 4:00 p.m. 64, fairly mild by 6:00 p.m. transitioning to partly sun skies through most of the day. up in allentown, you might have
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trouble hitting 70 but close, 69. 72 in wilmington and trenton. 70 in philadelphia and millville. down the shore it will be cooler because the southerly flow is coming off the cool ocean water that will keep the temperatures in the low to mid 60s, but mild for this time of the year. tomorrow, 72 beneath a warm front. record tomorrow, 74 looks like we'll miss that. we'll see 74 on saturday, which misses the record of 79. the issue on saturday will be later in the afternoon and evening where you get a shower or thunderstorm. the latest model run on future tracker shows this coming in around 3:00 p.m., 4:00 p.m. the western suburbs in through philadelphia around dinnertime and off the coast by 8:00. 70 lovely degrees partly sunny after the morning fog. 72 tomorrow, saturday mostly cloudy, 74 as you just saw we have a period of a a couple of
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hours where we have a shower move through and maybe a thunderstorm, behind that brisk and cooler, sunshine and 48. itching back to 60s -- inching back to the mid 60s on monday and tuesday. >> that's not bad for march. hundreds take to the street demanding that police officer in l.a. being arrested what he was caught on video doing in the middle of teenagers. this surveillance shows two men holding up a gas station at gunpoint and something sent them fleeing. this is girard at frankford if you're in frankford in this area as fishtown, you have to treat it as a stop so you don't cause an accident here. foggy and a little damp. we'll check the fog in bucks county coming up.
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>> welcome back taking a live look here, the view out over philadelphia international. we have a fog advisory in some areas, you can see why, look at that. you cannily you can see the tarmac -- usually you can see the tarmac and the lights of the building not so much today. the coastline was getting less dense in the fog.
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>> reporter: you can see it, it's in and out, it's not as bad along the coastline as it is through the i-95 area, which is heavily traveled. this is morrisville, bucks county, route 1 at pennsylvania avenue. you can see the fog, it's a big deal, be careful as you travel right there. the latest visibility reports we have a half mile in philadelphia and wilmington, a little better there, but .3 in trenton, in millville and atlantic city, pomona atlantic city international. .3 in lancaster. not as big in the lehigh valley where we have five mile visibles. we have someone on the waze app 73 by 90 sin -- cinnaminson, maple shade. flourtown, falls lane at frazier road an accident.
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carney's point some spots along the coastline, not as bad, but you can see it at the delaware memorial bridge, because of that they have 50-mile an hour speed restrictions in the new jersey. you have to be careful traveling through our area in new jersey, because of the speed restrictions because of the fog. 48 degrees, fog is the big deal today. this afternoon it will be partly sunny and warm, high of 70. >> happening overnight hundreds of protesters took to the streets in anaheim, california. the crowd blocked busy intersections and swarmed a lone police car. the demonstrators are outrage over video of an off duty officer's confrontation with a teen. the footage shows. lapd officer fire off a shot, no one was hit it happened on tuesday during an argument with a 13-year-old boy and friends
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who kept walking across the officer's property. the officer is on desk duty pending an investigation. would-be robbers didn't getaway with much after trying to hold up a gas station in massachusetts. surveillance video shows two men holding a clerk at gunpoint in quincy tuesday night, police say the suspect demanded the clerk's keys and bolted out the door when a customer was approaching the store. david happened to pull up at the same time the robbery was going on. >> . i'm here everyday, i knew something was wrong. he tried to chase down the suspects, he diplomat camp this, this -- didn't catch them, but he did catch this, a new job. a navy sailor surprises his children after returning from a 6 month deployment. >> we're getting ready for the oscars awards, we'll help you
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find a local spot where they will get you red carpet ready. >> this weekend, "fyi philly"
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is celebrating the oscars with a look at the local fashion spots that will help you get a red carpet look, erin o'hern has a preview. >> reporter: we are in bryn mawr. >> reporter: since opening her soho boutique, beth has been taking the fashion world by storm. >> we've had the same mantra for the last 18 years, i like the most important designers for today and tomorrow. >> reporter: beth created an inviting space out of a septa bus station. >> this is where the buses left, we have these high ceilings. the store is cure rated with
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styles designed to fit every life lifestyle. >> reporter: i like to dress a woman seven days a week. >> reporter: you will find beautiful pieces from high end designers. grace kelly carried a mark cross bag in rear window, it is called the box bag, it's beautifully made. i have my grace kelly moment, i love it. >> sunday "action news" will be on an hour early at 5:00, oscars will get going at, that includes the live preshow from the red carpet, oscars is on at 8:30. whenever they hand out the last award, it will be "action news" at 11:00 p.m. best actress 8:45. >> i best actor is last award.
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casey affleck and denzel washington. i'll be "action news" will be on at 2:00 a.m. let's go outside to i-95 we had a disabled vehicle in the process of clearing right now. traffic is slow because of it, though, this is i-95 approaching the vine street expressway that's southbound heading toward penns landing, the disabled vehicle was blocking a lane, cleared now, it's slow coming south of girard. this is new just in, parkside section of the city, water main break and it is flooding. >> reporter: there's fog out there, take it easy driving through neighborhoods where school kids are going to school. be careful crossing streets this morning partly cloudy, 48 by 8:00 a.m. visibility problems through the
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center of the region. philadelphia's visibility has jumped to a half mile from a third of a mile. we have visibility areas from trenton to lancaster. it will be mild this afternoon, we dump at fog at 9:00 a.m., 10:00 a.m. the high is 70, we'll hit that at 4:00 p.m. karen rogers was excited about science at pine hill middle school. she brought along the weather balloon and demonstrated to the 6th graders in camden county how she used it to take astonishing pictures above the earth. some volunteers took part in the demonstration. >> come to my jungle friend. there were specific jungle friends who went running into his arms, that's the moment that sailor surprised his children in connecticut. the chief has returned home from
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the u.s. pittsburgh, he identified his true identity during a military appreciation event. >> 5:54, more problems at the delaware prison, the scene of a deadly uprising. airborne in upper darby crashing into a home with a person inside that home. we'll be right back. >> 5:57 a.m., dense fog in
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parts of the region, although on our shot in atlantic city looks like it is lifting. look out in the i-95 corridor for that fog. there's deadly fallout from the prison uprising. 8 medical personnel have given up their jobs. they are looking to higher more at the vaughn correctional center. they are looking for $4,000 for an immediate raise adding to their salaries. they are looking to get in 180 new recruits. a senate commission is holding a hearing to discuss working conditions inside the delaware prison that will held today. a first responder's good
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time and his training stopped an attack in the delaware valley. >> twist your way to a new course, we have that tip coming up next.
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on this thursday, february 23 here's what's happening. police in philadelphia say they are on the scene of an unusual crime scene, a man was shot and dragged more than 80 feet in a north philadelphia neighborhood. only on "action news" the parents of a young girl who police say was stabbed by their neighbor is revealing details of the attack. >> it'


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